Built-in Furniture: Cabinet

We can use unfamiliar furniture construction to add several functions in the built-in cabinet and also to increase its value. Usually, this extra design function is implemented in cabinet that is located around stairs, kitchen cabinet, and even wardrobe.

(1) Upward Door Cabinet

Drawer construction is usually used in stairs. However, to have wider and deeper space, it is also possible to use door that opens upward (could be placed in balustrade).

(2) TV Cabinet Under The Stairs

To maximize the function of built-in cabinet at below-stairs area, we can use the available space for TV cabinet. Instead of using a pulling door to close the door during the use, we can substitute it with a folding door. A folding door has wider range compares to a pulling door so that the space inside the TV cabinet can be freed from the divider.

(3) Shoe Rack

Adding shoe rack in a built-in wardrobe is also possible. But to save space, it is better to use shelf with rail so the shelf opening is by pulling the shelf towards us.

(4) High Cabinet in Kitchen

The same application as the shoe rack is also applicable in the kitchen. It is possible to use this kind of shelf for bottle container, and even the spices container.

(5) Cabinet in Laundry Room

We can also apply built-in cabinet in the laundry room. A simple design below a window that the space within can be used to put the washing machine. And then, the hanging cabinet is put around the window.
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Built-in Furniture: Desk

Built-in desk has two concepts, opened and closed. An open design is a design where we can see the shape of the table, shelf and cabinet. We usually find them in a room, workspace or an office. While for the closed design, you can find it in places that we do not usually use to work, such as living room and kitchen. The definition of a closed design is a desk that if you don’t use it, it will look like a cupboard because of the closed door.

(1) Workspace


In a bedroom we should use a minimalist built-in desk (still follow the bedroom interior theme), so that the room will look more spacious. For example, we can use the combination of hanging table and cabinet in white or beige color. Also, we can add a contrast color panel that connects the wall with the desk and shelf.

(2) Bedroom Desk


It is not a common idea if we put built-in desk in the kitchen. This is only possible for a small house or apartment. Thus, the appropriate design is by hiding the office desk in a cupboard near the kitchen cabinet. The door position can be designed to hide the desk completely (from the top of the cupboard until the floor) or partially (from the main table to the top of the cupboard).

(3) Kitchen Built-in Desk


Same with kitchen, living room is also not a common place for us to put an office desk. Hence, the solution is by placing the office desk in a wall curve which is covered with a folding door. In the interior design concept, we can put this small workspace next to a bathroom or a wardrobe near the door, for us to put coat and shoes.

(4) Built in Desk in Living Room


We can put the office desk in the corner, below the window in L-shape. We can use a hanging table design with cabinet in castors so it is movable (more flexible). While above the window, we can put a hanging bookshelf to save space. With this kind of concept, we can accommodate a small workspace in the corner of the house.

(5) Corner Small Workspace



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  • The Intern (2015)

    The Intern (2015) adalah salah satu film Anne Hathaway favorit saya. Menceritakan seorang pensiunan bernama Ben Wittaker (Robert de Niro) yang kembali melamar pekerjaan sebagai pegawai magang (intern) di sebuah perusahaan startup fashion bernama About The Fit milik Julies Ostin (Anne Hathaway). Untuk Anda yang ingin membaca sinopsis lengkapnya, dapat melihat halaman ini.

    The Intern Movie (2015)

    Selain jalan cerita yang unik dan penuh dengan optimisme, hal yang sangat saya sukai dari film ini adalah bentuk bangunan dan gaya interior ruang dari perusahaan About The Fit. Diceritakan secara singkat, bahwa perusahaan ini mengambil alih bangunan tua –sebuah perusahaan pembuat buku telepon– yang dahulunya adalah tempat kerja dari Ben Wittaker selama 40 tahun, film ini menceritakan bahwa Ben sudah berusia 70 tahun.

    Gedung yang digunakan sebagai tempat About The Fit ini berlokasi di Barretto Street, Bronx (berada di antara Lafayette Avenue & Garrison Avenue).  Kenyataannya, bangunan ini didirikan pada tahun 1858 dan dikenal dengan sebutan The American Banknote Company. Tidak heran jika bangunan ini masih memiliki sisa gaya arsitektural Federal yang sempat populer di Amerika pada tahun 1785 hingga 1815. Gaya federal tampak dari penggunaan ekspos bata pada lapisan dinding luar bangunan. (Lokasi lain tempat syuting The Intern)

    The American Banknote Company

    Sedangkan untuk interiornya, menggunakan interior dengan gaya industrial yang sederhana dengan dominasi warna putih, beraksen hitam pada kusen dan lampu gantung. Dengan mempertahankan keadaan dinding yang tampak putih usang, menambah nilai vintage dari interior ruang kerja. Untuk furniture dan aksesoris dipilih desain yang simpel untuk menambah kesan modern dalam ruang. (referensi lain interior The Intern)

    About The Fit Interior

    About The Fit Interior

    Psst… sekedar info, saya juga suka dengan gaya fashion Anne Hathaway di sini.

    Julies Ostin Style

    Bisa jadi selain jalan cerita, faktor2 yang telah saya sebutkan di atas lah yang membuat saya betah untuk mengulang dan mengulang lagi menonton The Intern.



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    Built-in Furniture: Seat

    Seat is common furniture that every household have. The need of using seat often collides with the available space and fund. This happens because seat spends a lot of space, circulation and money. So, one of solutions to resolve this matter is by using a built-in seat. It is more practical, clean, and appropriate with the need, as well as corresponding to one of most significant interior factors, more economical.

    Corner built-in seat with table.

    To save the space, in the corner of the room we can place a built-in seat that becomes one with the desk. This built-in seat can be formed from a series of wood as the base and foot rest, and later on we also can add a cushion to sit and lean back.

    Built-in seat with drawer below.

    A curve on a living room wall, a former place for a wardrobe or shelf, can be used as a seat, too. As for the design, we can choose a knee-deep cabinet with a puff as the seat base, and a cushion for the back support. And to beautify the appearance, we can add a lamp or a painting above the seat, or, we can change the color of the curve.

    Wooden hanging seat in dining room.

    Dining room requires more chairs to accommodate family member or guest during a dinner party. If the space does not permit for more chairs and a large dining table, one of solution is by placing a hanging seat on one of the walls (on two sides of the wall is also possible). This way we can save some space that we will spend on the chair and table circulation. In addition, this concept will give more comfortable and cozy ambience to the dining room.

    Seat with drawer as kitchen cabinet.

    Kitchen needs a lot of cabinet. One of solutions to add more cabinet in the kitchen is by using under seat drawer. We can also use this concept for a small kitchen that hardly accommodate bar table and stool, or even too small to use island kitchen concept (with chair).

    Outdoor hanging seat

    We also need chairs for the exterior. We can use hanging seat around the poolside as well. This concept is suitable for outer area that does not have wide area for couch and table, which is usually used for exterior decoration for a swimming pool.

    Built-in Furniture: Storage

    Efficiency is one of the main considerations from a customer in this practical era. Customers wish to have furniture that does not take much space, but has the optimum function and is also suitable with the style of interior that they are interested with.

    One of solutions for this problem is to use built-in furniture, a type of special furniture. Although built-in furniture is classified as custom furniture, it does not seem to stand alone; it is integrated and becomes part of the building. That is why built-in furniture is in the same rhythm with interior decoration, especially contemporary minimalist interior. That is also the reason why integrated built-in furniture will have smaller or compact impression, compares to the free-standing furniture with the same proportion.

    Aside from its size and shape that can be adjusted with its interior (we usually call it with personal design), built-in furniture also has other advantages as follow:

    1. Saving more space since it does not disturb the circulation within the room, whereas circulation requires a lot of space in the interior lay-out
    2. Having more than one function

    Shelf is one of built-in furniture application that is commonly used. Especially for minimalist interior design since it results in clean and modern furniture sequence.

    01 jpg01

    Built-in storage as a bookshelf.

    One of built-in furniture application is by covering one side of the wall with storage (or shelf) that is designed from the floor up to the ceiling. Aside from part of decoration, this storage also has function as book shelf and accessories container. And for this storage, we can choose whether to use door or not.

    01 jpg02

    Built-in storage around the door.

    Shelf can also be placed around the door, at the main door or even at a door that divides every room in the house. For this kind of shelf, it is better not to use a storage door so that we can optimize the function of accessories-decoration exposure.

    01 jpg03

    Built-in storage with bench around the window.

    The placement of book shelf around a window with adding a small bench as the additional element is one of the breakthroughs in built-in furniture application of a beautiful interior design. This arrangement can also add the function of a small library in the corner of the house; reading a book while having a cup of tea and enjoying the view, what a great life!

    01 jpg04

    Replacement of railing with storage.

    We can also use storage as the primary element in the house, such as the replacement of the railing on the second floor. This arrangement will result in a unique, clean and beautiful look without ignoring the main function.

    01 jpg05

    Wall unit with hanging console.

    One of modern design in furniture development is the hanging TV unit. The use of hanging storage designs along the wall is one of applications from the built-in furniture. A storage concept (use door as in cabinet) that can be either closed or opened, and add console shelf on the lower part of storage to gain more function.

    13 Ciri Seorang INTJ

    Pernah suatu hari saya mencoba tes kepribadian MBTI, ternyata hasil dari tes kepribadian saya adalah INTJ. Masih ga terima, coba tes lagi berulang-ulang, hasilnya (kebanyakan) INTJ juga. Mungkin karena itulah, saya sekarang jadi sering membaca tentang kepribadian MBTI, terlebih yang bagian INTJ.

    Salah satu blog favorit saya adalah Personality Growth. Jadi, untuk page pertama saya di blog ini saya mau sharing sedikit soal INTJ. Sekalian untuk preambule perkenalan dari saya. Buat kamu yang belum pernah sama sekali mencoba tes kepribadian MBTI, boleh baca kok!

    Sebagai seorang INTJ, 13 tanda dari Personality Growth memang sebagian besar adalah karakter saya. Mungkin lebih tepatnya 11 dari 13 tanda ini ada di kepribadian saya.

    Kamu bisa dikatakan INTJ, jika kamu :

    1. Berpikir kalau artikel yang saya tulis ini adalah omong kosong
    2. Memiliki visualisasi yang tepat tentang bagaimana suatu hal akan terjadi
    3. Ahli di bidang yang sangat menarik minatmu
    4. Tahu bagaimana tersenyum dengan sangat sopan meskipun kamu tahu orang lain atau lawan bicaramu tidak bisa dikatakan pintar (the fact is that article said –even if you think the other person is an idiot– I don’t know how to put “an idiot” into ” a polite bahasa Indonesia way”)
    5. Perfeksionis
    6. Cenderung perencana yang handal, tapi terkadang juga terkadang mangkir dari rencana di waktu yang tidak tepat
    7. Memiliki kekayaan batin yang tidak semua orang bisa lihat (I think INTJ is a deep thinker, isn’t it?)
    8. Memiliki humor yang garing dan sarkas di mana tidak semua orang mengerti dan satu frekuensi dengan humor INTJ
    9. Sangat konsentrasi jika ada dalam sebuah proyek hingga lupa makan
    10. Memiliki ikatan yang kuat dengan sedikit teman yang kamu pilih untuk dekat dengan dia
    11. Bisa sangat meyakinkan jika ingin pendapatmu dimengerti dengan baik
    12. Berpikir jika sebagian besar orang menjengkelkan
    13. Menaruh respect yang sangat besar kepada orang yang mau melakukan sesuatu (someone who talk less do more)

    Jadi,  apakah kamu INTJ?


    Kalau kamu penasaran tentang penjelasan lebih detail mengenai INTJ, kelebihan dan kekurangan, kamu bisa lihat di INTJ by Personality Growth. Karena saya tidak akan menulis soal penjelasan itu secara detail.


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