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Built-in Furniture: Cabinet

We can use unfamiliar furniture construction to add several functions in the built-in cabinet and also to increase its value. Usually, this extra design function is implemented in cabinet that is located around stairs, kitchen cabinet, and even wardrobe.

(1) Upward Door Cabinet

Drawer construction is usually used in stairs. However, to have wider and deeper space, it is also possible to use door that opens upward (could be placed in balustrade).

(2) TV Cabinet Under The Stairs

To maximize the function of built-in cabinet at below-stairs area, we can use the available space for TV cabinet. Instead of using a pulling door to close the door during the use, we can substitute it with a folding door. A folding door has wider range compares to a pulling door so that the space inside the TV cabinet can be freed from the divider.

(3) Shoe Rack

Adding shoe rack in a built-in wardrobe is also possible. But to save space, it is better to use shelf with rail so the shelf opening is by pulling the shelf towards us.

(4) High Cabinet in Kitchen

The same application as the shoe rack is also applicable in the kitchen. It is possible to use this kind of shelf for bottle container, and even the spices container.

(5) Cabinet in Laundry Room

We can also apply built-in cabinet in the laundry room. A simple design below a window that the space within can be used to put the washing machine. And then, the hanging cabinet is put around the window.

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