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Built-in Furniture: Desk

Built-in desk has two concepts, opened and closed. An open design is a design where we can see the shape of the table, shelf and cabinet. We usually find them in a room, workspace or an office. While for the closed design, you can find it in places that we do not usually use to work, such as living room and kitchen. The definition of a closed design is a desk that if you don’t use it, it will look like a cupboard because of the closed door.

(1) Workspace


In a bedroom we should use a minimalist built-in desk (still follow the bedroom interior theme), so that the room will look more spacious. For example, we can use the combination of hanging table and cabinet in white or beige color. Also, we can add a contrast color panel that connects the wall with the desk and shelf.

(2) Bedroom Desk


It is not a common idea if we put built-in desk in the kitchen. This is only possible for a small house or apartment. Thus, the appropriate design is by hiding the office desk in a cupboard near the kitchen cabinet. The door position can be designed to hide the desk completely (from the top of the cupboard until the floor) or partially (from the main table to the top of the cupboard).

(3) Kitchen Built-in Desk


Same with kitchen, living room is also not a common place for us to put an office desk. Hence, the solution is by placing the office desk in a wall curve which is covered with a folding door. In the interior design concept, we can put this small workspace next to a bathroom or a wardrobe near the door, for us to put coat and shoes.

(4) Built in Desk in Living Room


We can put the office desk in the corner, below the window in L-shape. We can use a hanging table design with cabinet in castors so it is movable (more flexible). While above the window, we can put a hanging bookshelf to save space. With this kind of concept, we can accommodate a small workspace in the corner of the house.

(5) Corner Small Workspace



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