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Built-in Furniture: Seat

Seat is common furniture that every household have. The need of using seat often collides with the available space and fund. This happens because seat spends a lot of space, circulation and money. So, one of solutions to resolve this matter is by using a built-in seat. It is more practical, clean, and appropriate with the need, as well as corresponding to one of most significant interior factors, more economical.

Corner built-in seat with table.

To save the space, in the corner of the room we can place a built-in seat that becomes one with the desk. This built-in seat can be formed from a series of wood as the base and foot rest, and later on we also can add a cushion to sit and lean back.

Built-in seat with drawer below.

A curve on a living room wall, a former place for a wardrobe or shelf, can be used as a seat, too. As for the design, we can choose a knee-deep cabinet with a puff as the seat base, and a cushion for the back support. And to beautify the appearance, we can add a lamp or a painting above the seat, or, we can change the color of the curve.

Wooden hanging seat in dining room.

Dining room requires more chairs to accommodate family member or guest during a dinner party. If the space does not permit for more chairs and a large dining table, one of solution is by placing a hanging seat on one of the walls (on two sides of the wall is also possible). This way we can save some space that we will spend on the chair and table circulation. In addition, this concept will give more comfortable and cozy ambience to the dining room.

Seat with drawer as kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen needs a lot of cabinet. One of solutions to add more cabinet in the kitchen is by using under seat drawer. We can also use this concept for a small kitchen that hardly accommodate bar table and stool, or even too small to use island kitchen concept (with chair).

Outdoor hanging seat

We also need chairs for the exterior. We can use hanging seat around the poolside as well. This concept is suitable for outer area that does not have wide area for couch and table, which is usually used for exterior decoration for a swimming pool.


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