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Built-in Furniture: Storage

Efficiency is one of the main considerations from a customer in this practical era. Customers wish to have furniture that does not take much space, but has the optimum function and is also suitable with the style of interior that they are interested with.

One of solutions for this problem is to use built-in furniture, a type of special furniture. Although built-in furniture is classified as custom furniture, it does not seem to stand alone; it is integrated and becomes part of the building. That is why built-in furniture is in the same rhythm with interior decoration, especially contemporary minimalist interior. That is also the reason why integrated built-in furniture will have smaller or compact impression, compares to the free-standing furniture with the same proportion.

Aside from its size and shape that can be adjusted with its interior (we usually call it with personal design), built-in furniture also has other advantages as follow:

  1. Saving more space since it does not disturb the circulation within the room, whereas circulation requires a lot of space in the interior lay-out
  2. Having more than one function

Shelf is one of built-in furniture application that is commonly used. Especially for minimalist interior design since it results in clean and modern furniture sequence.

01 jpg01
Built-in storage as a bookshelf.

One of built-in furniture application is by covering one side of the wall with storage (or shelf) that is designed from the floor up to the ceiling. Aside from part of decoration, this storage also has function as book shelf and accessories container. And for this storage, we can choose whether to use door or not.

01 jpg02
Built-in storage around the door.

Shelf can also be placed around the door, at the main door or even at a door that divides every room in the house. For this kind of shelf, it is better not to use a storage door so that we can optimize the function of accessories-decoration exposure.

01 jpg03
Built-in storage with bench around the window.

The placement of book shelf around a window with adding a small bench as the additional element is one of the breakthroughs in built-in furniture application of a beautiful interior design. This arrangement can also add the function of a small library in the corner of the house; reading a book while having a cup of tea and enjoying the view, what a great life!

01 jpg04
Replacement of railing with storage.

We can also use storage as the primary element in the house, such as the replacement of the railing on the second floor. This arrangement will result in a unique, clean and beautiful look without ignoring the main function.

01 jpg05
Wall unit with hanging console.

One of modern design in furniture development is the hanging TV unit. The use of hanging storage designs along the wall is one of applications from the built-in furniture. A storage concept (use door as in cabinet) that can be either closed or opened, and add console shelf on the lower part of storage to gain more function.


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