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An individual who constantly strive to reach a deeper understanding of her world. Very capable of strong willed person and is often rather open minded. She wants to be well-educated. She doesn’t desire to push her beliefs onto others, but rather to educate everyone so that they can truly understand their own decisions.

She is very focused and often intense individual, and that intensity shows in her eyes. She spends much of her time thinking and figuring out new ideas, which can translate to an intense stare. She has what some people have called a “death stare”, which is merely from their intensely thoughtful minds. She enjoy thinking about the future, and have a very active inner mind.

She doesn’t have a strong connection to the emotions of others. She is logic driven, often struggling to understand what others are feeling. She often attempt to apply logic to people’s actions, struggling when people are strongly emotion based. She focuses more on understanding motives and actions, which she is very good at. She may become uncomfortable and unsure of how to react to someone who is overly emotional. She would much prefer when people clearly and directly tell her what they are feeling, instead of attempting to force her to figure it out. She may understand that emotions are a present part of life, she just doesn’t apply as much importance to them as some people.

She is much more guarded and logical about her approach to love. Before allowing herself to fall she will often want to be sure that the person fits into her specific checklist of wants and needs. This is not intended to be a cold process, but rather one that requires understanding of the person she’s interested in. She wants to be sure that things can truly work, since she doesn’t take falling in love lightly. She wants it to be true when she finally does allow herself to fall. She may not fall quickly, but they do fall rather hard.

She is searching for a way to provide value, since she doesn’t want to be seen as worthless. She is constantly working to make herself someone who can really make a difference and work to prevent ignorance in others.


Adapted from Personality Growth


With love,